Every parent wants their kids to be healthy and happy. We take them to the pediatrician for well visits, to the pediatric dentist to prevent cavities, but it seems that many parents forget to make an eye exam a priority for their child. Why? If the child doesn’t complain about their vision, they must be fine, right? But if that logic works, then why are we taking them to all their other appointments? The point is, preventative care is crucial for long term health and wellness, and preventative eyecare is no different.

Children grow so quickly, and the majority don’t need glasses as young children. However, some do and unless you check, you can’t know. We have just as many kids in glasses who exhibited symptoms as those who didn’t. Kids adapt, and unless we are checking eye health and prescription in the office, you won’t truly know the accuracy and efficiency of their vision. Many of our patients don’t need glasses, but if they hit a growth spurt, their eyes can change dramatically.

Don’t wait for your child to complain about his vision- by the time they do, they’ve probably had a vision issue for months! The American Optometric Association recommends a child’s first exam at age 3, again at age 5, and yearly thereafter. Make sure your child’s vision isn’t holding them back in school or in sports by having a yearly eye exam. Hey, it’s easier than the dentist, and there are no shots!


Dr. Schuetz has helped us through vision issues since my son was 7. Couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. She has been supportive and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. Best of all, my boys aren’t afraid to go to the eye doctor because she makes them feel at ease.

Jenine E

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