From a conversation between Dr. Jeremy Ciano and his son Alex …So, one afternoon after picking up Alex from Pre-K, he says, “Da-Da, I want to be an Eye Doctor just like you some day!” Of course, as a proud father I was so excited to hear that my son wanted to follow in my footsteps of the profession I love, and maybe take over the family business some day…but NO…this 4 year old (going on 40!) had much bigger plans. He says, “Da-Da, I am going to open up my OWN office some day!” “Well, that is great son, I would be so proud to work in YOUR office when I retire.” “Oh no Da-Da, you can’t work in my office. It is going to be for kids, and you aren’t as good with kids as Dr. Schuetz is, so you can’t work in my office!” Well, now, having been professionally insulted, but fatherly curious, I cautiously probe deeper into the mind of this 42″ ‘entrepreneur,’ “What kind of office are you going to open up then, Alex?” “I am going to open up an eye doctor office that is for kids only, with little glasses, and little exam machines, and I am going to call it ”Little Eyes”.

Dr Jeremy Ciano and AlexAt that instant I stopped dead in my tracks and was speechless. This 4 year old had just envisioned the genesis for what is today a reality. It is with great family pride and some creative kiddo genius, that Little Eyes is open to serve our friends and neighbors in Indiana.

From our family to yours, we hope we can enrich your lives by enhancing and preserving the most precious sense we have, your vision.


Our office hours are Monday - Thursday 9am -5:30pm; Fridays 9am - 3:30pm

Little Eyes Carmel

1372 S. Rangeline Road
Carmel, IN 46032

Phone: 317-420-2020

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Little Eyes Fishers

11480 Lakeridge Dr.
Fishers, IN 46037

Phone: 317-790-2010

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