Your Child’s First Eye Exam

Did you know your child's eyes could develop problems long before you notice them? Problems can begin as early as infancy and progress during school-age years, often with little to no obvious outward signs. As your child reaches growth milestones, his or her eyesight could change too. That's why the American Optometric Association recommends that children should have their first eye examination by six months of age, and a second eye exam when they are two to five years old.

If your child is experiencing any of the following symptoms, including:

  • Sensitivity to light or bright areas
  • Squinting, tilting the head, or rubbing the eyes frequently
  • An unusually short attention span
  • Avoiding coloring, puzzles, or other highly detailed activities
  • Problems with riding a bike, catching a ball, or other hand-eye coordination activities

And he or she has not visited a children’s optometrist yet, then a pediatric eye exam should be scheduled as soon as possible. Our doctors provide complete eye care services, including finding accurate prescriptions, for all children from infancy to age 13.

Eye Exams Versus Vision Screenings: What's the Difference?

Many parents think that vision screenings from a pediatrician safeguard their child's eyesight. But a vision screening and an eye exam are not the same! Vision screenings only evaluate two areas of vision and do not test for focus, color vision, or eye teaming. They may even miss eye problems in children.

Eye exams, in contrast, examine the aforementioned areas and more. They can detect if your child has an eye disease long before he or she displays any symptoms. Eye diseases in children are much easier to treat when they are caught earlier. That's why the timing of your child's first eye exam is critical.

Tips for Your Child's First Eye Exam

Thanks to modern optometry technology your child doesn't have to learn the alphabet to receive a successful eye exam. Much like getting ready for the first dental check-up, you can help your child prepare for his or her first eye exam with these helpful tips:

  • Talk about the exam with your child and encourage his or her curiosity by asking questions. Explain the methods and tools that will be used in terms they can understand.
  • Read children's books about optometry to your son or daughter and play 'eye doctor' so he or she understands eye exams are a positive experience.
  • Schedule the appointment in the morning if possible, and allow one hour of time. You can also make a day of it with your child and enjoy a sweet treat, grab some lunch, or do something fun afterward.

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